With over 15 varieties of cakes that come in all kinds of flavours handmade by our chefs, we strive to offer something delicious to suit everyone’s tastes. We take pride in using premium ingredients that ensure our cakes are not only high in quality, but consistent in taste and presentation.

Every cake is lovingly made with the enjoyment of our customers in mind, be it with a quiet cup of tea or shared among friends during sprightly festivities.

Our Signatures

Aesthetically looking cakes with delightful flavours

Our cakes come in a range of shapes & sizes that are perfect for any occasion be it small or large.

Assorted Cup Cakes


RM10 per slice | RM80 whole

Tokyo Burnt Cheesecake

RM10 per slice | RM80 whole

Honey Milk & Chocolate Swiss Rolls

Tokyo Burnt Cheesecake

RM12.10 per slice | RM57 whole

Almond Tiramisu Cake

RM8 per slice | RM62 whole

Mango Cheesecake

RM8 per slice | RM74 whole

Mixed Fruit Cake

RM10.90 per slice | RM66 whole

Chocolate Truffle Cake

RM8 per slice | RM64 whole

Arancia Chocolate Cake

RM8 per slice | RM66 whole

Le Sultan Cake

RM11.50 per slice | RM68 whole

La Nocciola Cake

RM8 per slice | RM57 whole

Salted-Caramel Chocolate Tart

RM8 per slice | RM35 whole

Chocolate Lover's Cake

RM8 per slice | RM57 whole

Carrot Cake

RM8 per slice | RM62 whole

Apple Bavarian torte Cake

RM8 per slice | RM62 whole

Mille Feuille

Sliced Cakes

Tarts & Puffs

Cake Order Enquiry

Cake Order Enquiry

Looking for that perfect cake to celebrate the occasion? Our whole range of incredibly delicious, specialty cakes are suited for a variety of occasions and are available in-store or made-to-order.

– S-sized cakes: 500g (suitable for 2-4 person)
– M-sized cakes: 1.5kg (suitable for 5-8 person)
– L-sized cakes: 3kg (suitable for 8 or more person)

* Only S-sized cakes are available in-store.
* For M-sized and L-sized cakes, please make your advanced pre-orders here with a minimum 2-3 working days notice
*Customisations to the cake recipe, design or decoration are unfortunately not available.