Our Breads & Pastries

All breads and pastries, including the fillings used are freshly handmade in Levain daily using both local and imported ingredients. Freshness is further guaranteed as breads and pastries are made in small batches every hour, ensuring customers always get breads and pastries that are hot from the oven.

Plain Bread, Loaf & Rye
Levain Bread Wholemeal Loaf English Bread
(Pain de Mie)
Raisin English Bread
Plain Log Bread Maple Log Bread Chocolate Log Bread Butter Roll
Rye Bread
(Pain au Seigle)
Creamcheese Rye Bread Raisin Walnut Rye Bread Orange Peel Rye Bread
Natural Yeast Baguette Natural Yeast Batard Cereal Baguette Grains Rye
Wholemeal Buns
(3 pieces per pack)